• Is something up, Sharena? You've been staring at the ground for a while.

  • Well... I'm not exactly sure what's going on, but I noticed this strange icon next to me. Can you see it too, Commander?

  • It looks like a shoe with an arrow pointing down! I figured it must mean there's something on the ground, by my feet...

  • Maybe someone dropped a few coins? I think there is a more likely explanation, though. That icon means that an effect is restricting your mobility!

  • Oh, is that right? My body does feel heavy and tired, but I assumed that was because I stayed up way too late last night.

  • Not quite. The icons that can show up next to Heroes indicate status changes, but only for battle-related effects. You'll be pleased to know that status icons don't cover the effects of bad habits!

Understanding the Various Icons

When allies or foes receive buffs or debuffs, an icon will appear next to them.

Beneficial Effects

There are various beneficial effects, such as those that increase stats, grant a type advantage, and more.

Detrimental Effects

There are various detrimental effects, such as those that decrease stats or those that prevent the target from performing counters or assists.

Other Effects

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One-Turn Buffs and Temporary Buffs

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