• I'm not sure why, but I'm feeling better than ever today! I feel so nimble and light on my feet—my training must be paying off!

  • Ha ha! The training probably helped, but right now, you're getting a Spd-buffing effect from one of your allies' skills. Bear in mind that it'll only last for one turn, though.

  • Oh, I see. For a moment, I thought that perhaps my grueling training regimen had yielded something more useful than sore thighs every morning.

  • Speaking of skills, did you know that I can use Spur Res? That skill lets me give you a big Res boost as long as you stay near me.

  • Really?! All right, then, I'll be sure to never leave your side!

  • Ack! Sharena, I said "stay near me," not "cling on to my arm for dear life!"

Activation Times

Buffs can activate at various times, such as at the start of the turn, when a unit enters combat, or when the player chooses to activate the buff.

Buffs that Activate at the Start of the Turn and Buffs that Are Activated by the Player

Hone/Fortify- and Defiant-type skills activate buffs at the start of the turn, while Rally-type skills can be activated at your chosen timing. These buffs will remain in effect through the current turn, and a green arrow will appear next to the mini-unit on the map to indicate the buff. However, these effects can't be stacked, and only the strongest effect will be applied.

Stat Boosts During Combat (Temporary Buffs)

Spur/Goad/Ward- and Blow/Strike-type skills will activate during combat without any indicator icons. The buffs granted by these skills can also stack, so the more effects you can pile on, the more you'll benefit.

Recommended Buff Skills

Among the Assist Skills that provide buffs, Rally Atk/Spd and Rally Atk/Def are great choices due to their ability to buff two stats at once. For C Skills, Hone/Fortify- and Tactic-type skills are also recommended due to their ability to grant a large stat buff at the start of a turn.

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