Unit Type Basics
The Keys to Victory Learn About Colorless Weapons Use Staves to Heal, Not Fight Attack and Defense Matchups Special Weapons: Bows and Daggers Deal Heavy Damage with Effective Weapons Moving Your Heroes
Unit Placement and Formations
Effectively Advancing on Your Foes Focus on Your Formation! Powerful Counters and Follow-Ups
Leveraging Skills and Specials
Using Assist Skills Moving Effectively Activate Powerful Specials Creating and Equipping Skill Sets
Battle Effects and Indicators
List of Status Effects One-Turn Buffs and Temporary Buffs Inflict Penalties on Your Foes Changes in Movement Range Use the Combat Forecast Outcomes to Stay One Step Ahead
Heroes of All Kinds
Learn Your Allies' Traits Pair Up Legendary Heroes Dress Up with Accessories!
Take Time to Practice
Take Advantage of Tactics Drills (Basics)

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