• It's time to put some new tactics into action! Allow me to introduce you to Pair Up, a special combat technique that lets two Heroes fight as one!

  • Time for me to pair up with Alfonse and fight for peace in Askr! Watch out, evildoers, because the Pair-Up Prince and Princess are coming!

  • ...I hate to rain on your parade, but only certain Legendary Heroes can form pairs.

  • Heh heh heh... Not a problem. That just means I have to become a Legendary Hero, right? I'll show you how it's done!

  • Well, I like your spirit. Anyway, the main thing to remember is that pairing up is a great way to give an ally's stats a huge boost on the battlefield. We can't waste this potential!

  • Got it, Commander! I'll make sure our allies get paired up even if I have to tie them together!

How to Pair Up

Select Interact with Allies from the Allies menu and then select Pair Up to start forming pairs of units. You can change who is paired with whom from the same menu at any time.

Paired-Up Heroes Support Each Other

Pairing up Heroes wisely can help put you in an advantageous position in battle. For example, you can pair a strong attacker with a stalwart defender, mix and match Heroes to cover up weapon-triangle weaknesses, or have a hardy Hero keep a vulnerable staff-wielding Hero safe!

Usable on Certain Maps Only

Bear in mind that Pair Up can only be used in the Main Story, Paralogues, Training Tower, Allegiance Battles, and Røkkr Sieges. In Allegiance Battles, you can form pairs without a Legendary Hero.

Change the Lead Using the Switch Button

Pairs can only be used in certain places. Tap the Switch button on the map screen during your turn to change which paired ally is in the lead.

Stat Boosts

The leader of the pair will get a boost to their stats depending on the stats of the ally they're paired with (the cohort). This is calculated as follows:

Atk: (Partner's Atk - 25) ÷ 10
Spd: (Partner's Spd - 10) ÷ 10
Def: (Partner's Def - 10) ÷ 10
Res: (Partner's Res - 10) ÷ 10

Basic stat values (the values when not on the map screen) are used for the calculations. Variable stat increases that can occur on the map screen are not considered.
(Stat increases from merging, Dragonflowers, and Summoner Support are included, however.)

Note: Each stat increase will cap at +4, with any decimals truncated.

Sing and Dance

If either member of a pair has an Assist skill like Sing or Dance, neither of them can be targeted by these skills, regardless of which ally is leading the pair.

Other Rules

・The unit in back cannot grant or receive Legendary Effects.
・Only the unit in front receives EXP, SP, and HM.
・A unit's Support Effects will not activate while they're in back.
・If the unit in front is defeated, their cohort will leave the battle with them.
・In Allegiance Battles, you will earn five additional points toward your score by defeating foes with a paired-up unit.

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