• Ugh! I'm so frustrated! Why can't I use Special Skills like you, Alfonse?!

  • I want to light up with the power of sunshine and quickly blast through my foes!

  • Sharena, Specials may be extremely powerful, but they aren't easy to use. Specials can only be activated under certain conditions.

  • Someday, you may be able to inherit a Special Skill. It would be good for you to learn about them.

  • I wish I had a Special like you... In fact, please teach me yours! The name "Sol" sounds so cool.

  • Hold on... No one can inherit my Special. Commander Anna knew that you would start making crazy demands. That's why she gave me the job of explaining Specials to you...

Activating Specials

Many Special Skills are powerful and deadly attacks used by Heroes. To activate a Special, the cooldown counter must reach zero. The counter decreases when a Hero attacks a foe, is attacked by a foe, or restores an ally's HP (for staff-wielding Heroes). An icon is displayed when the Special can be used.

Recommended Specials

One recommended Special is Moonbow, which has a cooldown count of only 2 and increases in effectiveness when the foe's Def or Res stat is high. Another good special is Glimmer, which increases damage inflicted on a foe by 1.5 times. These two Specials are also appealing because they are available to many different Heroes.

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How Special Skill Damage Is Calculated (Basics)

How Special Skill Damage Is Calculated (Advanced)

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