• Hey, Commander, I've got a question! You said some skills have descriptions like "Deals +X damage when Special triggers," right?

  • Ah, yes. You must be talking about ones like Wo Dao or Wrath, right? Those do apply additional damage to specials.

  • Right, stuff like Wo Dao! How does that fit into the damage formula?

  • Wow, Sharena, I'm impressed! I only just showed you the damage formula, and you're already coming up with such great questions! I never realized that teaching could be so rewarding...

  • Heh heh heh! Well, to be honest, Alfonse told me to ask you that one next time I saw you. I barely even remember the formula.

  • ...You know, this might be the first time I've ever made a bad investment.

Extra Damage Added By Non-Special Skills

There are some skills that will grant extra damage when triggering a special skill. Unlike the special damage bonus discussed previously, this extra damage is not influenced by foes' Def, Res, or bonuses from defensive terrain. The formula is simple:

[Result of Special Damage Formula] + [Extra Damage From Skill]

When Damage Is Mitigated by a Fixed Percentage

Some skills and special skills, such as Pavise and Ice Mirror, can mitigate damage by a fixed percentage. When these skills trigger, the final mitigated damage is calculated using the following formula:

[Damage Including Extra Damage] - ([Damage Including Extra Damage] x [Effect of Damage-Mitigating Skill or Special]) = Final Damage After Mitigation

When Damage Is Mitigated by a Fixed Value

Shield Pulse and other skills can mitigate damage by a fixed amount when they trigger. This fixed amount is subtracted from the calculated final damage using the following formula:

[Damage Including Extra Damage] - [Effect of Damage-Mitigating Skill or Special] = Final Damage After Mitigation

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