• OK, now that we've got the basic damage formula down, let's take a look at how damage is calculated for special skills.

  • Uh oh, that sounds tough. So you're saying that the amount of damage ISN'T based on how flashy the skill is?

  • Well, I can't deny that...“flashiness” is a good indicator sometimes, but you might find it helpful to know the damage formula so that you can fight smarter, not harder.

  • Sure, I can't wait! With flashy skills and hard math on my side, I'll be unstoppable!

  • ...Let's take a look at the math first before you go charging in, shall we?

The Formula for Specials with Boosted Damage

Certain special skills come with a damage boost, so a "special damage bonus" value is added to the damage formula.

([Atk] x [Eff] x [WT]) + [Special Damage Bonus] - [Foe’s Def or Res] - [Terrain Effect] = Damage Inflicted By Special Skill

Note: Decimals are truncated at each stage of calculation.

What Is This Special Damage Bonus, Though?

The special damage bonus is an effect inherent to certain special skills, such as Draconic Aura and Glowing Ember. You'll find text like "Boosts damage by X%" in their descriptions to tell you how much additional damage they deal.

Example Special Skill Damage Calculation

Let's say a Sharena: Princess of Askr (blue/lance) with 45 Atk attacks a Sword Cavalier (red/sword) with 30 Def using the skill Draconic Aura (30% Atk boost). The resulting damage would be as follows:

(45 [Atk] x 1 [Eff] x 1.2 [WT Adv.]) + 13 [Special Damage Bonus] - 30 [Foe’s Def] = 37

Note: Decimals are truncated at each stage of calculation.

Special Skills With Area Damage

Some skills, such as Rising Light and Blazing Thunder, deal damage to specific areas surrounding the target. The area damage is calculated using the same formula, but effects that increase damage during combat, such as those granted by Death Blow, do not apply. To increase the area damage, you'll want to look to skills or Sacred Seals that increase your basic Atk value, or equip skills that increase damage inflicted by special skills.

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