• Now, we all know that when you attack an enemy, you deal damage to them. But do you know how the amount of damage you deal is determined?

  • I sure do! You deal more damage if you use a strong weapon, and less if you use a weaker weapon...right? Am I close?

  • Wow, you were right out of the gate with that one... You're on form today.

  • Ha ha! Please, Anna, you're making me blush.

  • It's a little more nuanced than that, though.

  • Let's take this opportunity to learn about how damage is calculated, shall we?

Damage Calculation Basics

Damage inflicted on foes is determined by first multiplying the attacker's Atk, Eff (effectiveness), and their weapon triangle advantage or disadvantage, then subtracting the foe's Def or Res and the effects of defensive terrain from the result.

([Atk] x [Eff] x [WT]) - [Foe's Def or Res] - [Terrain Effect] = Damage

Note: Decimals are truncated at each stage of calculation.

Effects of Defensive Terrain

While on defensive terrain, allies receive a damage-reduction bonus equivalent to 30% of their Def or Res. Foes can receive this bonus too, so make sure you secure defensive terrain before they do to seize the advantage.

Example Damage Calculation

Let’s say a Lyn: Lady of the Wind (green/bow/effective against flying foes) with 45 Atk attacks a Lance Flier (blue/lance/flying) with 30 Def on defensive terrain. As calculated below, the resulting damage will be 41.

(45 [Atk] x 1.5 [Eff] x 1.2 [WT Adv.]) – 30 [Foe's Def] – 9 [Terrain Effect] = 41 (Damage)

Note: Decimals are truncated at each stage of calculation.

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