• Did you notice how Pegasus Knights recoil with horror whenever they see enemies carrying bows? They must really find them hard to deal with.

  • There's nothing more threatening to a flying ally than a well-aimed arrow. If you take a hit from a weapon that's considered effective, you'll take much more damage than one from other weapons.

  • That does make sense—those Heroes' trusty steeds won't get far with holes in their wings. What do you struggle to deal with, Anna?

  • Sword-wielding foes for one, but other things that give me a real headache include sluggish economic activity, commodity price increases...not to mention customers with tight purse strings.

  • Well, that's a surprise—or at least, that first part was. Is there anything else that really gives you a hard time?

  • Hagglers! Ugh!

Use Effective Weapons To Your Advantage

Some weapons are considered effective against certain types of opponent, such as flying or armored units, dealing 1.5 times the damage as a result. You can check the details pane for a weapon to see whether or not it's effective against certain types, and if so, what types it's effective against. Additionally, if you tap a Hero during battle, a check mark will appear over enemies that the Hero's weapon is effective against, and an exclamation point will appear over enemies that can perform effective attacks against that Hero.

Effective Weapons and Skills
to Be Wary Of

Bows are effective against flying allies. In terms of skills, Armorslayer (swords), Heavy Spear (lances) and Hammer (axes) are effective against armored units. Meanwhile, Zanbato (swords), Ridersbane (lances), Poleaxe (axes), and “wolf” tomes are effective against cavalry units.

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Moving Your Heroes

Attack and Defense Matchups

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