• Commander Anna, you'll never believe what happened! Until a second ago, I was in a forest. But then I suddenly found myself on a plain!

  • Plus, I thought Alfonse was on a plain, but then I saw him in a forest! It was like we instantly swapped places! There's something suspicious about all this...

  • Calm down, Sharena. You just experienced the Assist Skill called Swap.

  • Swap is a movement-related skill that lets you trade places with another ally. Alfonse just used it.

  • Really?! I thought something strange was going on... Wait a minute! Now Commander Anna has disappeared? Wait a second! What are you doing behind me?

  • I just used the movement-related skill called Pivot. Learning to use such Assist Skills will significantly increase tactics that you can use in battle!

Recommended Movement Skills

Movement skills are a type of Assist Skill for repositioning your Heroes. Skillful use of movement skills will give you an advantage in battle. Some particularly useful movement skills are Reposition and Draw Back, both of which are effective for hit-and-run attacks. Also, Swap is a great way to change places with an ally who is serving as a tank. Details on these movement skills are given below.


Effect: Use to move a Hero behind you. You stay in the same place.
When to Use: Great for moving an ally out of a Danger Area after they have performed their action.

Draw Back

Effect: Use to move a Hero to your current position. You move back one space.
When to Use: Use when arranging your formation to receive stat bonuses.


Effect: You swap places with the target Hero.
When to Use: For example, use to swap the places of a long-range attacking unit that has already acted and a Hero serving as a tank.

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