• Check it out, Commander Anna! The Speedy Boots I ordered finally came!

  • Don't they look great? With these boots on, I'll be able to—

  • "Speedy Boots"? Let me guess. They're just like Armored Boots, except they give you the mobility of an infantry unit?

  • I hate to say it, Sharena, but there's no such thing as Speedy Boots. You can't let those fraudsters get away with this—get a refund, on the double!

  • Oh, I know better than to think that fancy boots would give me more mobility. I only got them because they have better arch support!

  • Well, if that's the case, you could stop using such a misleading name for them...

Skills and Terrain Affect Mobility

While the mobility of your allies is determined by their type (infantry, cavalry, etc.), it can also be influenced by certain skills, Sacred Seals, or map terrain. Here are some examples.

Improving the Mobility of Armored Allies

Armored allies have a mobility of only 1, but you can improve this by taking advantage of various effects, such as the Armored Boots Sacred Seal’s granting +1 mobility when the unit has 100% HP, or the Armor March skill’s granting +1 mobility to the unit and any adjacent armored allies (provided that the unit started the turn adjacent to an armored ally).

Cavalry and Trenches

Cavalry allies have great mobility, but to enter a trench, they'll need to spend all three of the spaces that they can move. However, you can still use skills like Smite or Reposition to get them in—or across—without using up their mobility for the turn. To leave, they do not need to spend any of their spaces.

Beware Staff Foes with Gravity!

The staff skill Gravity is extremely powerful, in that any foes hit by it will have their mobility dropped down to 1. Unfortunately, this skill is available to your foes as well! Gravity+ will also hit opposing units adjacent to the target, so you should be doubly careful if you spot a staff-using foe who can use this skill.

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