• Summoner Duels are finally here, Commander! I can't wait to watch our toughest Heroes square off against each other. I won't just be watching, though... I'll be joining the fray to show off what my lance Fensalir and I can do! Ha!

  • Wow! You're pretty excited for the event, huh?

  • I'm excited, ready, and willing! So, how do we get started?

  • The way you wave that lance around, I thought you knew already! Well, let's start with the basics. Summoner Duels are a special type of competition where two summoners get matched up to do battle.

  • Unlike other battles, only one Hero at a time can act during the action phase of a turn. Once that Hero has acted, the opponent's action phase will start, so you have to be sure you're going in with a good strategy!

  • Ooh, I'm so excited that we'll get to see summoners from different worlds test their Heroes' might against each other! It'll be like nothing we've ever seen before!

Features of Summoner Duels

In Summoner Duels, two summoners direct their teams of Heroes to battle against one another. There are a number of rules that set these battles apart from other types of battles in Fire Emblem Heroes, such as restricting movement to one Hero at a time during a player's action phase and the ability to assign unique skills to team captains.

Forming a Team

Teams must be comprised of five Heroes, with the Hero on the far left of the team being the captain. The captain earns points differently from other team members, and also has the ability to use Captain Skills.

Matchmaking Settings

Before beginning a battle, you may want to form a team comprised of Heroes who joined the Fire Emblem Heroes game before a certain point in time. If so, you can choose matchmaking settings to be paired with another player who formed a team of Heroes under the same conditions. For example, if you choose "Book III and prior," you'll only be able to use Heroes who appeared between Ver. 1.0 and Ver. 3.11, and you'll get matched with an opponent who has done the same.

Victory Conditions

One side will be victorious if they meet either of the following conditions:

・ Defeated all opposing Heroes within five turns
・ Have a higher total score (KO Score + Capture Score) at the end of the fifth turn

Phases and Turns

Battles are made up of phases and turns. Each side will alternate action phases during which they can command one Hero at a time. The turn will end once both sides have completed six of these phases. Each phase has a time limit, and if you exceed the limit, Auto-Battle will be activated for you.

KO Score and Capture Score

Defeating an opponent's Hero will reward you with 2 points toward your KO Score, and defeating foes with your captain or defeating your opponent's captain yields even more points:

・ Earn 3 total points for defeating an opposing Hero using your captain
・ Earn 3 total points for defeating the opposing captain
・ Earn 4 total points for defeating the opposing captain using your own captain

At the end of a turn, you will earn 2 points toward your Capture Score if you have at least two more Heroes in the Capture Area than your opponent does.

Skill Effects and Restrictions

In Summoner Duels, restrictions may be applied to the effects of certain skills that your Heroes may have equipped. You can find specific details about these restrictions in-game.

Turning Battle Animations On or Off

You can toggle the battle animations setting for Summoner Duels specifically. Battle animations will be shown during the match if both players have them enabled.

Battle Against the AI

If you lose multiple times in a row in Favor Battles, your next battle will be against the AI rather than a fellow summoner. Until you reach Tier 10 in Summoner Duels R and Summoner Duels S, you'll face off against an AI opponent after losing a match.

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