• Quick question, but do you have any favorite Heroes here in Askr?

  • Favorites? Well, Fae's really cute, and so is Ylgr... Fjorm's one of my best friends though... And Merlinus helps out around the castle...

  • Oh, can't I just say they're all my favorites? If not, then I guess I'd have to go with...Alfonse! And...you too, of course.

  • Gee, thanks. I guess I'm just a third wheel here. Well, anyway, I was going to tell you about Favor Battles, where you can show off how much you love your favorite Heroes.

  • The more battles you take on, the higher the Favor Level of your captain in Summoner Duels will increase. You'll get a big boost for winning, but you'll still make progress even if you lose a match, so make sure to keep fighting!

  • Raising his Favor Level sounds like the perfect opportunity to show how well Alfonse and I get along! I can't wait to see which Heroes all the summoners out there choose!

Favor Battles

Favor Battles is a mode where you build up the Favor Level of the Hero you set as the captain on your team. Win matches to increase your Favor Level with your favorite Heroes!

How to Increase Favor Level

The Favor Level will increase based on the outcome of your matches. Winning will provide a big boost in Favor, but you'll still see progress if you soldier on through what may be a losing battle, so keep fighting, even if you're at a disadvantage! You don't need to expend stamina to enter Favor Battles, so you can keep steadily working at building up Favor and see continuous progress. Additionally, when your Favor Level goes up, you'll receive rewards based on your highest level!

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