• When it comes to determining the outcome of Summoner Duels, there's few things more important than Captain Skills!

  • Well, they certainly sound impressive, that's for sure. So, uh...what exactly do they do?

  • They can do all kinds of things! They can buff Hero stats, help you take advantage of the map, lower your opponents' stats, and more!

  • To get the most out of Captain Skills, you'll want to equip the most suitable ones for the types of Heroes and weapons you'll be bringing into battle.

  • Okay, but what happens if my captain needs to make a tactical retreat?

  • Well, if your captain is defeated and forced to leave the field, I'm afraid they'll take their Captain Skills, and all their effects, with them. That means protecting your captain is one of the keys to victory!

Setting Captain Skills

Tap the Captain Skill icon on the team formation screen to equip a skill to your captain. These skills can buff Hero stats, cause disadvantageous effects to your opponents, and more, so pick a skill that complements your strategy.

Conflicting Captain Skills

Captain Skills with the same effect can cancel each other out. This includes the Earth Rendering skill, which moves the Capture Area to somewhere advantageous to your team.

If a Captain Is Defeated

If a captain is defeated during battle, their Captain Skill will no longer have any effect. Captains are also worth more KO Score, so make sure to defend your captain while trying to take out the other team's!

Seeing Your Opponent's Captain Skill

Both your Captain Skill and your opponent's Captain Skill will be shown on-screen. However, some Captain Skills won't activate right at the start of the battle, in which case you won't know what your opponent's skill does until it activates!

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