Recommended Heroes to Summon

Here are a few Heroes who are available through summoning and some useful skills to inherit.

4★ Chrom: Exalted Prince / Special: Aether

Aether allows the user to perform an attack with a -50% modifier to the foe's Def and Res. Additionally, the user will recover HP equivalent to 50% of the damage dealt. Unlock Chrom's potential to reach 5★ and gain access to Aether.

4★ Sothe: Zephyr / A Skill: Life and Death 3

This skill grants the unit Atk/Spd+5 at the cost of Def/Res-5.

4★ Roy: Young Lion / A Skill: Triangle Adept 3

This skill boosts Atk by 20% if the unit has a weapon-triangle advantage. A 20% penalty to Atk is applied if at a disadvantage.

Recommended Heroes to Obtain as Combat Manuals

Here are a few Hero Combat Manuals that can be obtained from Normal Combat Manuals and their useful skills to inherit.

5★ Byleth: Tested Professor / Special: Ruptured Sky

Boosts damage by 20% of foe's Atk. This boost is increased to 40% if the foe is a dragon or beast.

5★ Caineghis: Gallia's Lion King / A Skill: Distant Def 4

Gains Def/Res+8 if a bow, dagger, magic or staff foe initiates combat, and neutralizes the foe's bonuses during combat. (This applies to bonuses from skills like Fortify, Rally, etc.)

5★ Mareeta: The Blade's Pawn / A Skill: Flashing Blade 4

Grants Special cooldown charge +1 (only highest value applied/does not stack) and deals +5 damage per attack if the unit's Spd is higher than the foe's.

5★ Lewyn: Guiding Breeze / B Skill: Special Spiral 3

This skill grants the unit Special cooldown count -2 after combat if their Special triggers during, or before, combat.

5★ Amelia: Rose of the War / C Skill: Armor March 3

If next to an armored ally at the start of the turn, the unit and armored units within one space of the unit gain +1 movement range. This effect is only active for one turn and cannot be stacked.

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