Make Use of Legendary & Mythic Heroes
Legendary and Mythic Hero Summoning Focuses Legendary Heroes Strengthen the Team Pair Up Legendary Heroes Mythic Heroes Useful in Aether Raids
Bestow Blessings to Grant Effects
Use Blessings to Strengthen Your Allies Build Teams That Harness the Power of Blessings Conditions for Triggering Blessing Effects Great Places to Get Blessings Suggested Heroes for Blessings Try Deploying Legendary and Mythic Heroes
Heroes with Elite Inheritable Skills
Rearmed Heroes Shine in Inherit Skills Inherit a special kind of skill from Attuned Heroes
Ascended Heroes Give You More Assets
Ascended Heroes Take Traits Further Adding More Assets
Boost Allies by Engaging with Emblem Heroes!
Emblem Heroes Enhance Ally Specials
Use Dragonflowers to Boost Stats
Dragonflowers and Heroic Ordeals
Refine Your Heroes' Weapons
All About Weapon Skills Strengthen Weapons in the Weapon Refinery Gather Arena Medals and Refine Weapons Different Types of Weapon Refinement Allies Who Benefit from Refined Weapons

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