• *sigh* I'd love to pass this Hero's skill on to someone else, but I don't want to lose them by running them through Inherit Skills. What should I do?

  • Oof, I know how that goes. When it comes to rare Heroes, it can be a real struggle to decide if it's really worth inheriting a skill from them and sending them back home in the process.

  • That said, have I got news for you! Rearmed Heroes are a type of Hero who can neatly sidestep that particular problem! If you inherit a skill from them, not only will you still keep that Rearmed Hero, but they'll even keep a copy of the skill you inherited!

  • Really?! So you're saying I could recruit a Rearmed Hero with a really powerful skill to the Order of Heroes, and then have them pass that skill on to everyone else?

  • Uh, no. I'm pretty sure that would completely destroy the balance of the game. You can only inherit a skill from a Rearmed Hero once. And you can't re-gift that skill to another Hero, so think carefully before you decide!

Inherit Skills without Losing Heroes

Rearmed Heroes have special weapon skills called Arcane Weapons. If you have your Rearmed Heroes pass their skills on to another Hero through skill inheritance, you won't lose the Rearmed Hero or their copy of the skill. However, Rearmed Heroes can only pass on skills once.

Inherit Skills before Merging Heroes

When you merge Rearmed Heroes who haven't passed their skills on to another Hero through skill inheritance, the target ally will not be able to pass their skills on multiple times. When you're merging Rearmed Heroes, make sure you have the extras pass on their skills beforehand!

Arcane Weapons Can't Be Inherited Twice

An inherited Arcane Weapon cannot be passed on to a third Hero. However, it is possible to carry over Arcane Weapons when merging Heroes.

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