• Inheriting skills really does take a lot of work. Not only does it cost SP, but you also need Heroes to learn the skills to begin with...

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  • Wow, really?! What kinds of skills are we looking at?

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The Basics of Inheriting Skills

Skill inheritance is the method by which you can have a Hero inherit a skill from another Hero. You can pass on all kinds of skills, including weapon skills and special skills learned by the source Hero, though there are some conditions. If your Heroes have SP to spare, try inheriting then learning skills! Please note, however, that there are some specific skills that can't be inherited.

Advantages of Inheriting Skills

Inheriting skills allows Heroes to learn skills that they wouldn't ordinarily acquire, and matching up inherited skills with existing skills wisely can open the door to some great synergy. There's also the more simple benefit of letting Heroes learn special skills they don't have, or giving them a special skill that's easier to take advantage of.

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