• All right, it's time for some Special Training! Are you ready, Sharena?

  • I was BORN ready! So, um, what does Special Training involve, exactly?

  • Hm... I'm getting some mixed messages here. Well, I'll just take it from the top. Special Training is a mode where you can take on one of five different maps, with the available map rotating daily.

  • Ah, so there's a different type of training every day? It sounds like a great opportunity to train up our Heroes!

  • Right! Still, don't forget that you'll want to deploy unit types that have an advantage on the map where you're training. There'll be enemy reinforcements too, but you can just think of them as a prime opportunity for extra SP.

  • I see... If we're going to be dealing with reinforcements, it sounds like I should deploy some staff users. And when a map for lance users rolls around, I'll join the team on the battlefield myself!

Earn SP in Special Training

In Special Training (found in Special Maps), you'll fight a number of easily defeated foes, making it a great way to earn SP. Be careful though—when an ally defeats an enemy unit and the level gap between the two is too great, your ally Hero won't earn any SP. If you want to train Lv. 40 allies, make sure you pick the Lunatic difficulty!

Come Well Prepared

Deploying a staff user in Special Training will give a solid defensive foundation to launch your attacks from. If your staff user has a weapon skill equipped, you may wish to remove it so they can concentrate on healing. You may also want to consider equipping the Live to Serve Sacred Seal, which allows an ally to heal themselves while healing others. This can be very helpful should your staff users find themselves exposed.

Some Things to Keep in Mind

The foes you'll face in Special Maps change daily, so there are times when the Heroes you want to train will suffer from a disadvantage against them. Make sure you have a good grasp of your allies' attributes and skills, as well as the types of foes you'll face and whether or not you can expect favorable matchups.

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