• Sharena, let me know if you get injured. We have a staff-wielding Hero accompanying us on this campaign.

  • OK! Heroes with staves can recover HP, right?

  • That's right. Even if they don't fight, Heroes with staves can get experience and grow by recovering other Heroes' HP.

  • I see…in that case, I'll help out the staff-using Heroes by rushing forward and getting injured!

  • Sharena…you shouldn't put yourself in danger. Besides, if you advance too far by yourself, even Heroes with staves won't be able to heal your HP!

Heal Your Heroes

Generally speaking, Heroes with staves support their allies by recovering their HP. Try dragging your staff-wielding Hero to the Hero you want to heal. If the target Hero is shown against a green background when you move the staff-using Hero, HP recovery is possible.

Earn EXP by Healing

By the way, Heroes with staves can also attack enemies. Although many staff-using Heroes possess skills to weaken enemies, they only inflict about half the damage of a normal weapon. Heroes with staves can also gain EXP by healing allies. Instead of fighting enemies, it's better to earn experience through frequent healing.

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