• Look what happened. You thought you could defeat that axe fighter easily because your level is higher. But your lance was useless, wasn't it?

  • It sure was! I thought I had an easy win, but I got destroyed! I can't believe it!

  • Listen well, Sharena. Matchups between characters are affected by weapon attributes and range. Be sure you have a favorable matchup before fighting!

  • You mean…even if I study your teachings, I'll never be your equal no matter how hard I try? No wonder you're the commander!

  • Are you listening to what I'm saying?! The key to surviving in this world is to understand advantages and disadvantages. If you want to stop getting thrashed, you better listen up!

The Weapon Triangle

Generally speaking, characters are assigned three colors: red, blue, and green. The amount of damage increases or decreases depending on the colors of the attacker and defender. In principle, there is a weapon-triangle advantage in which red has the advantage against green, blue against red, and green against blue.

Pay Attention to the Colors

Before taking action, the most important thing is to carefully check the color assigned to each character in your party. Character attributes can be checked by looking at the color of the weapon attribute icon displayed next to the character. Make it a habit to check this icon.

Weapon Range

Each weapon has its own attack range. For example, when using close-range weapons like swords, axes, and lances, it is only possible to attack from an adjacent space. However, when using long-range weapons such as bows and tomes, it is possible to attack an enemy that is two squares away.

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