• I was trying to get one of our Heroes to teach me a skill, but she flat out refused. She was really insistent that I couldn't inherit it...

  • Sorry to let you down, but I'm afraid there's no way around that. There are certain skills that can only be used by specific Heroes, and as such, no one can inherit them.

  • I suppose that does make sense. I was trying to learn a Breath skill from a dragon Hero, but I admit I'm not exactly the fire-breathing type...

  • Well, I hate to see you all disappointed. Tell you what, how about you learn some tricks of the trade from me instead? I can show you all there is to know about the cutthroat world of business!

  • No thanks.

  • Come on, at least give it some thought first!

Skills with Prior Requirements

Some skills have requirements that need to be met before they can be acquired or inherited. Make sure you check over the details for the skills that you want to inherit! Example: In order for an ally to learn Aether, they must have already learned Sol or Luna.

Restrictions on Inheriting Skills

Some skills are limited to certain weapon types. The entries for these skills on the list will show the icons for incompatible weapon types, or they will display text stating that the skill can't be inherited. Aside from weapon restrictions, some skills may also be associated with particular movement types (flying, infantry, etc.), which will also restrict them to certain allies.

Exclusive Skills

Some Heroes have exclusive skills—for example, the weapon skills for signature weapons like Falchion or Alondite, or skills like Sacae's Blessing or Chilling Seal. These skills can't be inherited and will be marked with text stating that they can only be equipped by their original Hero.

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