• Let's talk about Ascended Heroes—Heroes who have worked through all of the exciting highs and crushing lows of life to blossom gloriously into their full potential! What's the first thing that springs to mind when you think about Ascended Heroes, Sharena?

  • Probably their tough-sounding name.

  • Well, sure...but that's not really what I was looking for! I was going to remind you that Ascended Heroes allow you to ascend traits, which lets you turn a stat of your choosing into an asset.

  • You can only ascend traits once per Hero, which means you've got a tough decision ahead of you: do you use this opportunity to further enhance something they're good at, or shore up a weakness instead?

  • Wow, so they don't just have awesome names—they have awesome perks too! I wish I could be an Ascended Hero...

  • Good news! When you summon an Ascended Hero, you'll receive an Ascendant Floret. You can use this to ascend the traits of any Hero—so you can almost get your wish, and all without having to go through some life-altering struggle!

Boost Heroes' Traits

In addition to having ordinary assets and flaws, Ascended Heroes have the ability to ascend traits, which allows them to gain an additional asset. If you recruit an Ascended Hero, don't forget to drop by the Ascend Traits menu to boost a stat of your choosing. Bear in mind, however, that you can only do this once per Hero—so choose carefully!

Ascendant Florets

When you summon an Ascended Hero for the first time, you'll receive an Ascendant Floret (subsequent summonings of the same Hero will not grant additional Ascendant Florets). By using an Ascendant Floret, you can add an Ascended Asset to a Hero who isn't an Ascended Hero!

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