• When you summon Heroes from other worlds, you might summon one you already have. But did you know that even if they look the same and have the same name, they can have different stats?

  • For example, you might have individual summonings of the same Hero that don't seem very different at first, but as they grow, you'll start to see their individuality—namely, stats that are naturally strong and stats that are naturally weak.

  • Wait, really? Does that apply for me too? And what about you? Or Alfonse?

  • Don't worry, it doesn't include allies who weren't recruited by summoning. You'll only find the traits I'm talking about in summoned allies.

  • Well, that's a weight off my shoulders! For a moment there, I was worried that I'd have a higher Goofiness stat than other Sharenas!

  • You're lucky the "Goofiness" stat isn't a thing, then.

Individuality of Heroes

Summoned allies each have individuality, and even individual summonings of the same Hero can have different strengths and weaknesses when it comes to stats. Tap the stats of a Hero to see where these strengths and weaknesses lie. You can also configure an option in Settings to display strengths (assets) in blue and weaknesses (flaws) in red.

Stat Variance Depending on Level

At LV. 1, strong stats will have +1 to their base value, while weak stats will have -1. As an ally levels up, you can expect their strong stats to eventually end up in the range of +3/+4 compared to the average, and weak stats to be in the range of -3/-4.

Overcoming Flaws

The first time you merge an ally, whichever stat was their "flaw" will get a boost, negating the weakness. Additionally, when you merge an ally that has no flaws or assets, two of the merged ally's stats will gain +2, and one of the remaining stats will gain +1.

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