• Hey, Sharena. Ever think it'd be nice to have more positive traits?

  • Do I ever! I mean, I guess my best trait is my ability to rise and shine first thing in the morning, but I'd be able to get so much done if I were a diligent night owl too!

  • An interesting answer, but not exactly what I meant. I'm here to tell you about the Ascend Traits menu!

  • This allows you to use an Ascendant Floret item to turn a Hero's HP, Atk, Spd, Def, or Res into an asset.

  • Oh, I see! So you're saying that ascending a Hero's traits lets you turn one of their traits into an extra asset, separate from the one they had already. Does that mean I can get away with being a night owl without being bleary-eyed in the morning after all?

  • I don't think "ascending" means "rising out of bed," Sharena.

Using Ascendant Florets

Select Allies → Traits/Equipment → Ascend Traits to display the Ascend Traits menu. From here, you can use Ascendant Florets to add one more asset, known as an Ascended Asset, to your Heroes' traits.

Changing Ascended Assets

You can even change an Ascended Asset later in the same way that you'd change a regular asset by using Trait Fruit.

Ascended Heroes Get Ascended Assets

Ascended Heroes, such as Fjorm: Ice Ascendant, can be granted an Ascended Asset without expending an Ascendant Floret. Just don't forget to choose an Ascended Asset once you manage to obtain one of these Heroes!

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