• Phew! I never thought collecting flowers would be such hard work. In fact, I thought it'd literally be a walk in the park.

  • Well, the Dragonflowers we're collecting are very rare and precious items that can increase the stats of Heroes. They wouldn't be rare and precious if we could just pick them on a leisurely stroll outside of the castle, you know.

  • Why flowers, though? Are we supposed to...I don't know—press them or dry them or something?

  • Maybe wear them in our hair? Might be a good look for Alfonse.

  • Why didn't I think of that myself?! That's just what Heroes like Bartre and Dorcas are missing. Charming little flowers, daintily perched on their heads... Now that's what I call an improvement!

  • Oof. All right, that's enough jokes. The important thing to know is that Dragonflowers are essential to getting stronger. It's tough work gathering them, but the rewards are worth it!


Dragonflowers can be used to increase the stats of Heroes. There are four different kinds of Dragonflowers corresponding to each unit's movement type, and they can be received as rewards from Heroic Ordeals, Allegiance Battles, or Aether Raids. To increase stats using Dragonflowers, select Allies → Ally Growth → Use Dragonflowers.

Rules for Improving Heroes Using Dragonflowers

The number of times you can increase stats using Dragonflowers, the order in which stats will be increased, and the number of Dragonflowers used all vary depending on the individual Hero. Heroes who can be improved five times using Dragonflowers will finish with +1 to all stats, while Heroes who can be improved ten times will finish with +2 to all stats.

Heroic Ordeals

Heroic Ordeals consists of maps where you can obtain Dragonflowers. You can attempt these maps by selecting Battle → Story Maps → Heroic Ordeals.

Rules for Heroic Ordeals

The challenger (the Hero undertaking the ordeal) and one additional ally will form a team of two in order to do battle against a team of four foes. To clear the ordeal, the challenger must defeat at least two foes, you must defeat all foes within 20 turns, and all allies must survive. Furthermore, allies undertaking an ordeal will receive a once-per-day boost to their stats until a map has been cleared, so don't miss out on this!

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