Make Your Heroes Stronger
Strengthen Your Heroes Raising Your Allies' Levels with Ease Inherit Skills Make Earning SP a Breeze with Special Training Recommended Skills to Inherit First Unlock Potential to Increase ★ Rank Create and Enhance Sacred Seals Strengthen Allies by Merging Them! Ally Support: Bonds between Heroes Summoner Support: A Bond between Player and Hero
Try Each Type of Event
Take on Tempest Trials Take on Forging Bonds Give the Arena a Try Take On Legendary and Mythic Hero Battles Record Memories in Heroes Journey
Raise Your Favor Levels
Summoner Duels (Basics) Summoner Duels (Using Captain Skills) Summoner Duels (Favor Battles) Summoner Duels (Free and Practice Duels) Make Use of the Replay Feature

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