• If you're like me, you probably can't wait to learn all about the Heroes who will be working alongside the Order of Heroes. In that case, Forging Bonds is for you!

  • That's right. In Forging Bonds, you can enjoy conversations between Heroes in which you'll learn about their backstories and personalities.

  • And if you keep playing, you can grow closer to the Heroes and unlock conversations!

  • What's more, increasing your friendship will also allow you to earn rewards from the Heroes, such as accessories, First Summon Tickets, and Heroic Grails!

  • Alfonse, Commander Anna, and I are having a blast with Forging Bonds, so we hope you join in too!

View Special Conversations Between Heroes

In Forging Bonds, you can view conversations between featured Heroes. Play the events, grow closer to Heroes, and earn rewards!

Play Regularly to Increase Friendship

While the event is active, the Hero whom it's easiest to gain friendship with and the amount of friendship you can gain will rotate every hour. Be sure to play and clear maps when a Hero you want to grow closer to is featured!

Earn Rewards

As you grow closer to each Hero, you'll be able to earn rewards such as First Summon Tickets, accessories, badges and Great Badges, Divine Dew, Heroic Grails, and more. First Summon Tickets allow you to perform the first summon in a summoning session for free, so they're definitely a reward worth aiming for!

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