• Not even Heroes are immune to the call of fashion. We should put on some nice accessories to really show the world who we are!

  • Ooh, I've been waiting for this! Now I can leave an impression on the battlefield in a whole new way! So, what kinds of accessories are there?

  • All kinds! There's Maid Headpieces, Damsel's Ribbons, Flower Fortune Pins, and even Yellow Duckies, if that's more your style!

  • The only restriction is that you can only wear one accessory at a time. Otherwise, you can wear whatever you want, whether you're male or female.

  • Really?! You mean I can make Alfonse wear a Maid Headpiece or a Damsel's Ribbon?

  • You could, but... Well, that's just great. Now I can't stop picturing Alfonse as a maid.

About Accessories

Accessories are decorative items like hats, masks, and headpieces that can be equipped to mini units. Select Allies → Traits/Equipment → Equip Accessories to equip an accessory to an ally. Each accessory can only be equipped to one ally at a time, but you can switch accessories around as you wish.

Accessories Won't Affect Stats

Equipping an accessory has no effect on stats, so feel free to dress up your allies however you wish. The only optimal setup is the one that you find the most fashionable.

How to Acquire Accessories

Accessories can be obtained as rewards from regularly scheduled events like Forging Bonds and Tap Battle, as well as other content. Please note that you can have only one of a given accessory, and each extra that you obtain will be converted to 300 Hero Feathers.

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