• Pop quiz! What's most important in Røkkr Sieges?

  • Oh, that's easy! You just need to survive!

  • Bzzt! Sorry, that's not the answer I was looking for. The most important thing is dealing as much damage as possible!

  • Oh, I see what you're getting at! I was so focused on not getting beaten to a pulp that dealing damage became an afterthought.

  • You know, you can even get accessories depending on how much damage you deal. So line up the most effective skills you can and take your best shot!

  • Accessories, huh? Well then, you can count on me putting my best foot forward whenever it's time to siege!

Special Accessories Available as Damage Rewards

Røkkr Sieges features rewards for each Røkkr type. The intervals for damage rewards are at 50,000, 100,000, and 150,000 points, and if you exceed 150,000, you'll receive a special accessory based on the weapon used by the Røkkr.

Aim for a High Multiplier

While it's important to build a team of strong Heroes, you should also look to increase your damage multiplier by spending more stamina and playing on Advanced difficulty, and it helps to maximize your offensive and defensive capabilities by using Pair Up as well. Additionally, you can benefit from using weapons that enable consecutive attacks and skills, such as Galeforce, to increase the number of times you attack per turn. Finally, don't forget to make good use of allies who have the advantage over your foes' types.

Use Guard Effects to Hold Back Special Skills

When a Røkkr's Special Skill activates, they'll often move somewhere that makes it difficult to attack them. Weapon skills that reset the Special cooldown count of foes, such as Melancholy+ or Witchy Wand+, will be extremely helpful in such situations. Additionally, skills with the Guard effect can also inflict Special cooldown charge -1 on a target. These tactics can help you to pin the Røkkr down somewhere where it's easy to attack them and keep dealing damage.

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