• There comes a time when every true Hero craves the opportunity to test their limits in glorious battle against the greatest of the greats. We call these contests of strength Legendary and Mythic Hero Battles!

  • Ahem... I appreciate your enthusiasm, Commander, but if that was meant for Sharena, she went to the dining hall for a snack.

  • What?! But I just delivered the most riveting opening statement of my life!

  • Well, consider me riveted! After all, Legendary and Mythic Hero Battles are some of the most important events here in Askr.

  • Exactly! I mean, we're only talking about squaring off against some of the greatest Heroes ever to make their mark on history! What better way to test your skills?

  • Indeed. And that's not to mention the Orbs and accessories you can earn!

  • (I'm pretty sure Alfonse saw right through my enthusiasm. He knows what I really care about it...)

Go Toe-to-Toe with Powerful Legendary and Mythic Heroes

Legendary Hero Battles and Mythic Hero Battles are special battles in which you'll face off against various Legendary or Mythic Heroes. These battles will be available when new Legendary or Mythic Heroes have been released, so don't miss your chance!

Make Sure You Earn the Rewards

Difficulty levels from Normal to Abyssal are available, and you'll receive Orbs and blessings as rewards for your first clear on each difficulty level. You can also obtain accessories if you clear Abyssal, so give it a try if you're feeling confident.

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Legendary and Mythic Hero Summoning Focuses

Use Blessings to Strengthen Your Allies

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