• Commander Anna! You should have seen the Summoner Duels battle I just had!

  • It was a battle that could go down in Askran history! I just wish Alfonse could have seen it.

  • Well, why don't you show him the replay, then? You can find it in your battle history under the Records menu.

  • What?! Really? Let's see... There it is! That's the battle!

  • You'll also find a Battle ID there, which you can share with other people if you want them to see how the battle went. Sharing your triumphs and struggles with others is part of the fun!

  • And I guess that means I can use Battle IDs to see how other summoners are faring too! All right, I'll check it out!

Review Your Battles Using Replays

You can watch replays of past battles from the Records menu on the Summoner Duels menu screen. Tap the Replay button on the battle you wish to review to watch the replay.

Share Your Battles Using Battle IDs

The Copy Battle ID button shown for each battle in your Records allows you to post that Battle ID to social media or other websites, making it easy to share your replays with other players.

Use Battle IDs to See Other Players' Battles

You can enter a Battle ID to watch other players' replays. Enter a Battle ID from social media or other websites and see what you can learn from other players' battles!

Pause Whenever You Like

You can pause replays whenever you like. Use this feature to review maneuvers, or take a closer look at the strategies employed!

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