Consider Team Composition
Recommended Armored/Dragon Setups Recommended Flying/Cavalry Setups Switching Skills at the Right Time Build Teams around Blessings! Conditions for Triggering Blessing Effects
Calculating Damage
How Damage is Calculated How Special Skill Damage Is Calculated (Basics) How Special Skill Damage Is Calculated (Advanced)
Make Use of Legendary & Mythic Heroes
Legendary and Mythic Hero Summoning Focuses Legendary Heroes Strengthen the Team Use Legendary Heroes in Arena Duels Pair Up with Legendary Heroes Mythic Heroes Useful in Aether Raids
Conquer Aether Raids
Try Playing Aether Raids Editing Offense Maps Building a Raiding Party Defensive Maps and Teams Checking Your Defenses
Take Time to Practice
Take Advantage of Tactics Drills (Advanced)

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