• Tactics Drills maps are so much fun! I feel so smart whenever I figure one out!

  • Oh? Let's see which ones you've been doing... Ah, looks like you've been playing the Basics category. Once you've mastered those, you should try the Skill Studies maps!

  • Skill Studies? What makes those maps different from the ones in Basics?

  • Skill Studies maps will test your ability to make use of the most of different skills. It's a great opportunity to learn about skill effects and how to take advantage of them, and that knowledge might help give you the edge in actual battle!

  • Ooh! I'll get right on that!

  • And once you've completed Basics and Skill Studies, give the Grandmaster maps a try too. By the time you complete those maps, you'll (hopefully) be unstoppable!

Learn about Important Skills in Skill Studies!

There are many skills in Fire Emblem Heroes, but Skill Studies lets you play with some of the most important of them. This includes skills like the Hone/Fortify and Ward/Goad groups of skills, as well as skills that have been added to the game more recently. The Skill Studies section is more difficult than Basics, but it's worth trying out for the opportunity to get firsthand experience of all kinds of Heroes and skills.

Take on the Grandmaster Challenge!

Once you've completed Basics and Skill Studies, try the Grandmaster section! The Grandmaster maps are extremely hard, but once you've learned how to complete the challenges contained within, you'll come away with the strategic know-how to take on high-difficulty maps in Grand Hero Battle and other modes.

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Take Advantage of Tactics Drills (Basics)

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