• So whenever we summon flying or cavalry Heroes, their trusty steeds come with them, right?

  • That's right. Whether it's a horse, a pegasus, or even a wyvern, whatever they rode on in their home world will come with them.

  • OK then... So what would happen if something went wrong with the summon and the Hero's mount got left behind? I guess they wouldn't be able to fight at their full strength...

  • You don't need to worry about that—I've yet to hear of any mistakes happening. And you know, there are some Heroes who are still capable fighters even without their horse or whatever.

  • Though I suppose it is possible that their mount did somehow get left behind and they're just being polite about it…

  • Oh no, you don't think— Oh no! Commander, I think we'd better keep this conversation under wraps.

Teams with Excellent Mobility

You can use flying and cavalry allies to build a team of one type and carry out devastating strategies that leverage their high mobility. Here, we'll introduce some ideas for flying and cavalry teams.

Flying Teams

Give your attackers the Iote’s Shield seal, and they’ll be able to withstand weapons that are effective against flying units. Robin: Fell Vessel is a superb choice for this composition, as her Dragonskin nullifies "effective against flying" bonuses, and she can counterattack from any distance.

Recommended Hero 1

5★ Robin: Fell Vessel

In addition to her skill that nullifies "effective against flying" bonuses, she also has the powerful Expiration skill, which enables her to counterattack from any distance.

Recommended Hero 2

5★ Caeda: Talys's Heart

Caeda has the Wing Sword weapon skill, which is effective against cavalry and armored foes, while her Fortify Fliers skill boosts the Def and Res of flying allies, making her a powerful asset.

Cavalry Teams

Cavalry teams have the greatest mobility of all unit-type-based compositions. Focus on skills that boost the Atk of cavalry units specifically to rush your foes down and deal them a devastating blow before they have the chance to react.

Recommended Hero 1

5★ Reinhardt: Thunder's Fist

Reinhardt has the powerful Dire Thunder weapon skill, which can attack twice, as well as Goad Cavalry to boost the Atk and Speed of cavalry allies.

Recommended Hero 2

5★ Lyn: Brave Lady

Lyn wields Mulagir, a powerful weapon against tome foes, and she also has Sacae's Blessing, which prevents her from receiving counterattacks from foes using swords, lances, or axes.

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