• I've found an armored foe! It doesn't look like he has much HP either, so I'll start the attack!

  • Hold your horses, Sharena! Did you look at the combat forecast of the battle first?

  • Of course I did! And besides, I shouldn't have any trouble defeating someone with such low... Wait a second. Why's it saying my HP will end up at 0?

  • The prediction will summarize how much damage you can expect to deal to your opponent, and how much they'll deal to you. It won't show damage changes that result from skills or Specials, but it will give you an idea of HP values after the battle.

  • So it's really telling me that if I start the attack, I'm destined to fail? Yikes! I didn't realize he had Vantage! Phew...that was a close call.

  • Even if you're about to land the final blow and you think that the battle is completely in your favor, you should always look at the combat forecast to guide your strategy. That's a golden rule of combat!

Keep an Eye on the Forecast

Drag an ally over to an enemy and hold them there to display the combat forecast at the top of the screen. This will help you to find out which Heroes can attack safely, whether you'll be able to defeat a foe, and so on, allowing you to battle much more cautiously. You can keep trying different combinations without initiating combat as long as you don't drop the ally you're dragging on top of the enemy unit you're checking, so take your time and figure out your best option.

Prioritize HP Gain/Loss Predictions Over Damage

While the combat forecast can be an extremely helpful tool, the predicted values for damage dealt won't take Special damage or damage mitigation effects into account. However, the final gains and losses of HP shown in the forecast will always match up with the ultimate outcome, so you should focus more on the HP values you see rather than the specific damage values.

An Example Discrepancy

The forecast below states that Reginn will take 18 damage x 2 from her foe, but it also predicts that her HP will only drop by 13. This is an example of how skill effects can influence damage.

You Can Check Stat Changes Too

The values shown on the bottom row represent stat changes. Some skills, like Solo-type skills, will cause stat changes based on positioning, so you can use this information to see when they're active.

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