• It's quiz tiiime! What makes the Order of Heroes strong? Sharena, would you like to answer?

  • Hmm... Oh, I know! Is the answer "Alfonse's smile"?

  • Cute, but not quite! The correct answer is "our shared bonds"!

  • Did you know that you can recruit Forma versions of the Heroes who help you out in Binding Worlds events?

  • Of course! Binding Worlds is a great way to find just the right Heroes we need for our team.

  • That's right! So make sure you don't miss your chance to play during the events and build up your bonds with players far and wide!

Choose Forma from the Recruit Forma Menu

You can select Recruit Forma from the Binding Worlds top page to recruit Forma versions of Heroes you added to your team during the event. Make sure you keep swapping in Heroes while Binding Worlds is in progress, and seek out Heroes you'd like to recruit!

Availability Period

Heroes can be recruited during Binding Worlds events and within 30 days of the end of an event. So if you find a Hero you like during Binding Worlds, you can recruit them right away!

Heroes Who Can't Be Recruited

You can only recruit the Heroes sent by friends or other players, and only Heroes released in certain versions of the game are eligible. (You can check applicable versions in the help page for Recruit Forma.) You can't recruit your own Heroes, or Alfonse: Prince of Askr, Sharena: Princess of Askr, and Anna: Commander.

Features Carried Over from the Original Heroes

Forma will carry over Dragonflowers (with stat boosts completed up to the limit at the time of swapping in the Hero), equipped skills, and traits. However, merges, Ascended Assets, Resplendent Attire, blessings, Sacred Seals, and accessories will not be carried over.

Forma Restrictions

Skills cannot be inherited from Forma and Forma cannot be made into Combat Manuals. Furthermore, Forma cannot be used as a source ally in a merge except with other Forma.

Use Otherworld Bonds to Recruit Forma Allies

Otherworld Bonds are required to recruit Forma allies. These items can be bought in the Shop, so make sure to look for them during Binding Worlds events.

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