• There's nothing more precious than the bonds we share—they represent something that money can't buy!

  • That's what makes the Order of Heroes so strong. The bonds we've forged tie us together!

  • In fact, you could say that's the Order of Heroes' greatest weapon—and it's one we're going to have to count on when taking on the new Binding Worlds event!

  • In Binding Worlds, you'll use the power of your bonds with other players to strengthen your team and set another world free from the darkness that encloses it.

  • Yikes! Well, as long as I can count on the bonds I share with my allies, I might just stand a chance against powerful foes I can't defeat on my own!

  • Don't forget to return the favor, though—make sure to offer your help to other players every now and then to keep your bonds strong!

Swap in Heroes to Do Battle

In Binding Worlds, you'll assemble a team using Heroes sent by your friends and other players to make your way through a series of stages. You can swap these Heroes into your team by standing on a Divine Askr Gate space on the map.


Participating in this event requires stamina that is specific to Binding Worlds. This form of stamina is recovered automatically once per day and can also be restored by using a Binding Torch.

Swapped Heroes Carry Over

Heroes that you swapped in by standing on a Divine Askr Gate will be carried over to the next battle. Keep swapping in Heroes to make your team stronger!

Earning Rewards

When you complete a stage for the first time, you can earn Dragonflowers, Divine Codes (Ephemera), and other rewards. These can also be obtained as rewards for playing, awarded once per day.

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Making Progress in Binding Worlds

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