• I've been doing my best to round up some strong Heroes for Aether Raids, but I just don't seem to be able to increase my Lift and get to a higher tier...

  • Seems like it's really bothering you. Well, if you want to get a lot of wins in Aether Raids and efficiently raise your Lift, you've got to do more than just collect strong Heroes!

  • Really? If that's the case, can you help me out and let me know what I should be doing instead?

  • I thought you'd never ask! In Aether Raids, there are different bonus allies for each season, and if you incorporate them into your team, you'll earn more Lift. And those Heroes' stats will get a boost too!

  • So I should make sure to put bonus allies into my team whenever I can?

  • Absolutely, but wait, there's more! There are also seasonal bonuses for structures, so you'll need to keep on top of placing structures and improving them! Keep these things in mind, and not only will your team be much stronger, but your Lift will get a boost too!

Check the Current Bonus Allies

Bonus allies will be chosen for each season. You can check who the current bonus allies are on the main menu for Aether Raids, as well as on the team editing screen. Having a bonus ally on your team will grant you the following benefits, so if you have a bonus ally in your roster, be sure to include them!
・ +20 Lift acquired when attacking
・ +10 HP for the bonus ally
・ +4 Atk/Spd/Def/Res for the bonus ally
・ Double EXP and SP gains for the bonus ally

Note: The Lift increase caps at +20 regardless of how many bonus allies are on your team.

Bonus Mythic Heroes Provide Extra Benefits

If you include a Mythic Hero who has been designated as a bonus ally on your raiding party or your defensive team, you can gain an added benefit.

Lift Gain/Loss Adjustments

You gain Lift for successfully attacking another Aether Keep, but if any of your allies are defeated during the attack, the final Lift gain for that battle will be reduced by 20 for each ally defeated.

While defending, you lose no Lift if you successfully defend your keep. If you fail, however, you do lose Lift—but you can limit your losses by defeating enemy units, reducing your Lift lost by 20 for each foe defeated.

Raiding Parties

Try including Light or Astra Mythic Heroes in your raiding party when they're designated as bonus allies. This will help to mitigate Lift loss by taking away one defeated ally from your score, if any of your allies are defeated during the raid. For example, if one ally is defeated, you won't lose any Lift at all.

Defensive Teams

You should also try including Dark or Anima Mythic Heroes in your defensive team when they're designated as bonus allies. This way, even if you fail to defend your keep, an extra defeated foe will be added to your score. In other words, even if you fail to defend your keep without defeating a single foe, your score loss will be calculated as if you defeated one foe during the defense.

Don't Forget Bonus Structures

If you place the bonus structures shown on the Aether Raids main menu in your keep, your offensive structures and defensive structures will gain an additional level. If your keep has a higher total level than your foe's, your allies will gain a stat boost, so don't miss out on these bonuses!

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