• How suspicious... I have a great team of powerful Heroes lined up, but I just can't win in Aether Raids. There must be someone or something conspiring against me!

  • Let's rule out some other possibilities first, shall we? To begin with, you can't win just by shoving a bunch of beefy Heroes into your Aether Keep and calling it a day. Did you take time to set up your structures and prepare for battle?

  • Structures? I thought those were just for...ambiance.

  • They're not just for decoration! The structures you can place on the map can strengthen your allies and hinder your foes.

  • What!? I had no idea they were so useful! Actually, I'd completely forgotten they existed until you brought them up.

  • You know, I'm sure we did a lesson on this... Anyway, you'll need Aether Stones to create or enhance structures, and you can get them as rewards for playing Aether Raids or completing quests.

Use Aether Stones to Create and Enhance Structures

Placing offensive and defensive structures on the map will help turn Aether Raids battles to your advantage. You'll need Aether Stones in order to create or enhance these structures.

How to Acquire Aether Stones

You'll first receive 500 Aether Stones for completing the tutorial, and you'll receive additional Aether Stones from daily rewards for playing Aether Raids, or as part of tier-based rewards. Other ways to acquire Aether Stones include spending R&R Affinity at the Aether Resort and completing quests.

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