Form a Team of Bonus Heroes

Each season of Aether Raids will feature Heroes who are eligible for bonuses. Make sure you include these Heroes in your team because they'll get a stat boost and also allow you to gain Lift at an increased rate!

Recommended Heroes

Here are some strong choices for Aether Raids you should consider including on your team in addition to Bonus Heroes.

Nagi: Dragon Avatar

Nagi has the unique weapon skill Ethereal Breath, which reduces damage from incoming area-of-effect Specials by 80% and is effective against dragons and colorless foes.

Reinhardt: Thunder's Fist

Reinhardt has excellent Atk and mobility, and he also comes with Rising Thunder, a Special with area-of-effect damage. Not only is he a strong Hero, but you can also recruit him by making progress in Heroes' Path.

Peony: Sweet Dream (Light) and Reginn: Bearing Hope (Astra)

Both Peony and Reginn can be recruited by making progress in the Main Story. Peony: Sweet Dream is a Light Mythic Hero, while Reginn: Bearing Hope is an Astra Mythic Hero, allowing you to gain Lift at an increased rate when attacking during Light or Astra seasons.

Minerva: Princess-Knight

This Hero can be summoned using Heroic Grails. Unlock her potential, and you'll find that she's a powerful 5★ Hero with access to skills such as Dragoon Axe, which makes it easier for her to trigger her Special, as well as Dragoon Shield, which nullifies "effective against flying" bonuses, and Flier Formation 3, which will improve her movement range.

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