• I heard about another regular event, but I'm having trouble remembering the name... What was it again? Momnir's Strike?

  • Sounds like you're thinking of Mjölnir's Strike. It's a large-scale event that's split into four phases in which you'll defend Askr from invading enemies and then repel them with a counterattack.

  • Right, Mjölnir's Strike! That's what I said! So what are the four phases like?

  • Well, there's the Brace phase, which gives you time to prepare by enhancing structures and choosing which Heroes to deploy. There's also the Rest phase, which refers to periods of time when the event isn't active.

  • Hm, I see... What about the other two phases?

  • Well, the most important one is probably the Shield phase, during which you can earn points toward your score. If you can efficiently defeat your foes and keep your allies from being defeated themselves, you'll be able to earn a higher score. Also, your score during this phase will influence your attack power during the Counter phase that follows!

A Large-Scale Event of Four Phases

Mjölnir's Strike is a large-scale event in which you'll team up with others to defeat an enemy army. The event is split into four phases, Brace, Shield, Counter, and Rest, which each allow different actions.


Make preparations for battle. Check which structures and Mythic Heroes have a season bonus, form your team, and so on.


During this phase, the invading enemy force will attack on a special map called Midgard's Shield. Repel the invasion and try to get as high a score as possible.


You'll be able to attack the enemy's main force during this phase. Deal more damage than your foes and guide your army to victory.


This phase takes place after the event is completed. During this time, you can check your Askr Lv. and tier, make adjustments to the Shield map, and so on.

Earn Valuable Rewards

Mjölnir's Strike rewards include Divine Codes, Dragonflowers, and Hero Feathers. The rewards you earn will vary depending on your tier and Askr Lv. Your tier is based on your score during the Shield phase, while your Askr Lv. will increase depending on how successful you are at defeating the enemy army during the Counter phase.

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Mjölnir's Strike (Brace/Shield Phases)

Mjölnir's Strike (Counter Phase)

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