• One of the keys to success in Mjölnir's Strike is to earn a high score during the Shield phase. And to that end, there's something that you mustn't overlook: the mechanisms you'll find placed on the map!

  • What? You mean the random structures like those sparkling crystals, stately Askran flags, and peculiar-looking thrones? I thought we were just making the place look nice!

  • That's only a side benefit. Each mechanism has an effect that aids Heroes, and it's crucial to take advantage of these if you want to get a high score!

  • Hmm... I see. So mechanisms can heal allies who are in range, grant stat boosts, and so on. That does sound useful!

  • Some mechanisms will also gain a bonus to their enhancing abilities depending on the season. Check the summary during the Brace phase, and prepare your mechanisms accordingly!

  • There's a limit to how many mechanisms you can place, right? I'll have to think hard about which mechanisms work best with the Heroes I deploy!

Place Mechanisms on the Map

You can place up to five mechanisms on the Shield map. You can only place them in predefined locations, but they can trigger all kinds of useful effects when you activate them, and some can even trigger area effects around your summoner.

Try Activating Mechanisms

Select a mechanism, then tap the gold-colored activation button at the bottom of the screen to activate it. You will be able to activate the mechanism again after a certain number of turns have elapsed.

Bonus Mechanisms Get a Boost to Their Abilities

Like Mythic Heroes, mechanisms also have season-based bonuses. This is a powerful bonus that can increase the stats of all allies by +4, so make sure you don't miss out!

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Use Mythic Heroes to Get a Score Bonus

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