• I'm feeling really stuck. I've been bringing strong Heroes to Mjölnir's Strike, but I'm still struggling to get a higher score...

  • Ah, I see where the problem is. You don't have any Mythic Heroes in your defensive team!

  • Every season of Mjölnir's Strike will give certain Mythic Heroes a score bonus during the Shield Phase.

  • Wait, really?! Is this the same as how bonus allies work in Arena Duels and Aether Raids?

  • Sort of! In Mjölnir's Strike, only Mythic Heroes get bonuses. That's why it's essential to build teams that include bonus Mythic Heroes to get a high score.

  • Oh no, why didn't you tell me sooner? Eir, Thrasir, Peony! Where are you? I need your help!

Take Advantage of Mythic Hero Bonuses During the Shield Phase

In Mjölnir's Strike, two types of season bonuses will be applied to Mythic Heroes: major and minor bonuses. The main menu for Mjölnir's Strike will show which blessings are currently eligible for bonuses, so make sure to check!

Major and Minor Bonuses

Major bonuses will give a +4 boost to HP and all stats, and will also calculate the score as if the Mythic Hero has been merged to +10. Minor bonuses will give a +2 boost to HP and all stats, and will treat the Mythic Hero as if they have been merged to +5.

Try Challenging Stronger Foes

The strength of your foes has an influence on the score you earn. You'll face stronger foes if you bring Heroes with high stats and Mythic Heroes eligible for the major season bonus, so take advantage of this to aim for a high score. Bear in mind, however, that Heroes placed in the team's special slots won't influence the strength of the foes you face.

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