Deal Damage to the Enemy Army During the Counter Phase

During the Counter phase, you can attack the enemy army using Counter Arrows. The strength of your Counter Arrows will scale up with your score from the Shield phase.

Deal Five Times the Damage When You're Weaker

If one side is weaker than the other, they will deal five times the damage. If Askr is weaker than the invading force, you'll have a chance to seize victory from the jaws of defeat by using up your reserve of Counter Arrows for a devastating attack!

Combo Bonuses Grant an Additional 1.5 Multiplier

You will receive combo bonuses that will add a damage multiplier of up to 1.5 based on the total number of Counter Arrows used by all players in an hourly period.

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About Mjölnir's Strike (Basics)

Mjölnir's Strike (Brace/Shield Phases)

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