• Ugh, I am not feeling good today. I'm trying just as hard as I always do, but I can't seem to do anything right...

  • Oh no, are you holding up okay? I think you might be under the influence of a debuff skill that's weakening your stats...

  • A debuff skill? No wonder I was feeling so sluggish!

  • Some debuffs can also reduce your mobility instead of weakening your stats, so you'll need to keep a close eye on what your foes are up to.

  • Got it. Thanks for the... For the... ACHOO! *sniff* Oof, these debuffs are terrible.

  • Actually, I think my first guess might have been wrong. I don't think the common cold counts as a debuff...

Activation Periods for Debuffs

Debuffs can take effect at various times, such as at the start of a turn, after combat, and so on.

Recommended Debuff Skills to Turn the Tables

Threaten-type skills like Threaten Def and Threaten Spd inflict strong debuffs on foes within two spaces at the start of the turn. Give these skills to allies fighting on the front lines, and you'll find it easier to vanquish your foes the turn after they've moved into range. Additionally, Smoke-type skills like Atk Smoke will inflict a significant debuff to the stats of nearby enemies after you've initiated an attack, making those skills equally good choices.

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Changes in Movement Range

List of Status Effects

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