• You know, I've been wondering where Hero Feathers come from.

  • They're far too sparkly to have come from any kind of bird I know about, and they hardly look like griffon feathers. It's a real mystery!

  • I do wonder... Perhaps the answer is that they don't come from any kind of animal at all.

  • Personally, I hold the notion that Hero Feathers are something akin to a Hero's desire to improve—hopes for the future made manifest.

  • Why, that's beautiful, Alfonse! And here I was thinking that Commander Anna yanked them out of some poor creature.

  • (I'm ashamed to admit that I could definitely picture that...)

How to Gather the Items Needed to Unlock Your Allies' Potential

You'll need three different kinds of item to unlock the potential of your allies: badges, great badges, and Hero Feathers. Hero Feathers are the main item you'll need, while the different varieties of badges required will depend on the ally's type. Have a look below to see some of the best ways to get these items.

Collecting Badges and Great Badges

Badges and great badges can be obtained as rewards for completing quests or clearing the Training Tower (where rewards change daily). Additionally, you can obtain badges and great badges by climbing the tiers in Grand Conquests. We also recommend earning great badges by playing the Tap Battle events!

Collecting Hero Feathers

You can earn a good haul of Hero Feathers by completing daily quests and by taking part in the weekly arenas and Arena Assault, which offer Hero Feathers as rewards. You can also earn Hero Feathers in events such as Grand Hero Battle and Rival Domains, so don't pass up opportunities to take part!

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