• Heroes come to Askr from all different kinds of worlds, but sometimes we return the favor by visiting their worlds for a bit of friendly competition!

  • Hmm... You're talking about Hero Battles, right? Actual battles with Heroes on their home turf!

  • That's right! There are a few different kinds of Hero Battles, but perhaps the most important are Grand Hero Battles—battles from which you can recruit Heroes.

  • Wow! And all it takes is proving your strength? That sounds like the perfect way to help fill out our barracks!

  • Hero Battles can also earn you rewards, such as Orbs and accessories! In any case, you'll have to show that you can win without letting your allies be defeated. It's just one more way to test your mettle.

  • Well, I'm not one to back down from a challenge. I'll prove that we've got what it takes!

Different Kinds of Hero Battles

Hero Battles will have you fight against a colorful cast of Heroes. There are a few different kinds of Hero Battles, with the featured Heroes also changing. In Hero Battles, all of your allies must survive. You also won't be able to use Light's Blessings except for when playing in regular Hero Battles.

Grand Hero Battles

In Grand Hero Battles, you'll fight a featured Hero on a special map. You can recruit the Hero the first time you win. Additionally, if there's an Abyssal difficulty, you'll be rewarded with an accessory the first time you clear it.

Bound Hero Battles

On these maps, you'll fight against Heroes who share a special bond. These Heroes will always come in teams of two, and winning will reward you with Orbs.

Legendary and Mythic Hero Battles

These maps will see you fight against Legendary or Mythic Heroes. You'll be able to take part in these battles whenever new Legendary or Mythic Heroes are added, and the victory rewards include Orbs and accessories.

Limited Hero Battles

On these maps, you'll be restricted to deploying Heroes who meet certain qualifications, such as coming from select Fire Emblem titles. The maps will be taken from past runs of the above types of Hero Battle. Victory rewards include Divine Codes and Hero Feathers.

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