• Practice makes perfect! If you want to get rich, you have to work for it.

  • The other Annas in different worlds sold tons of weapons and medicine to get rich, little by little!

  • Are you talking about money again? I'd rather hear the secret to getting stronger…

  • Oh. Well, events and quests are updated frequently in this game. There is also a Log-in Bonus.

  • Practice makes perfect! Put simply, the secret to getting stronger is to log in every day and take on new challenges!

Check the Home Banner

After logging in, first check the banner on the Home menu. The banner displays new events and free summons. We recommend checking every day. The displayed events and summons change when the game is updated at 12 a.m. PDT/11 p.m. PST.

The Log-In Bonus: Get Free Items!

Be sure to take advantage of the Log-in Bonus. You can get items simply for logging in. Items can be received at any time from the Present List at the Home Screen. Just like events and summons, the Log-in Bonus is updated at 12 a.m. PDT/11 p.m. PST.

Lots of Quests

There is a wide range of quests to choose from, from daily quests to quests that change every month. Quests can be easy or hard to complete. Look for missions that you might be able to finish and give them a try!

Linking a Nintendo Account

If you link a Nintendo Account, you'll be able to receive Platinum Points* depending on your progress in the game. These can be exchanged for Orbs and Hero Feathers, so don't forget to link an account and earn those points!

*Terms apply. https://accounts.nintendo.com/term_point

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