• Sharena, you know that fighting is an important way to get stronger. But do you also try to obtain skills?

  • Commander Anna... I thought you might ask that. I might be a Hero, but I'm still young! I'm learning new things all of the time.

  • What are you talking about?! I'm referring to special abilities that Heroes can obtain.

  • Oh! You mean the useful skills I've seen you using, such as Vantage and Spur Res. Right, Commander Anna?

  • Now that you mention it... I can't use any skills despite leveling up.

  • Just as I thought. Listen, to obtain skills you have to save up Skill Points and then spend them on skills. Not using your Skill Points is a waste!

How to Learn Skills

To learn Skills, select the Ally Growth option in the Allies menu, then tap Learn Skills. You can also use the handy Auto-Learn option to let your allies learn skills automatically as well.

Getting Skill Points

You need Skill Points (SP) in order to obtain skills. Normally, you get SP when you defeat a foe. Be careful though—you won't get any SP if the foe's level is too low. If you are trying to save SP for a particular ally, focus on using that Hero to strike the finishing blow.

Getting SP Efficiently

On weekends, there's sometimes a bonus period where you can earn double SP. Take advantage of this event to earn SP even more efficiently. Other great options are using blessings for double SP and the Valor series of skills.

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Make Earning SP a Breeze with Special Training

Inherit Skills

Use Blessings to Strengthen Your Allies

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